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From your room to the boardroom.

Live, interactive presentations, with management, from UK listed companies that matter to you, regardless of the number of shares you own,
or where you live.

We help you make an informed decision.
Office Chair

"We believe that all investors should be treated fairly,
equally and on a non-discriminatory basis."

We are not alone in seeing the benefits of engaging fairly and equally with Individual Investors.

The fact is it's not fair or equal.

Companies need to engage with all investors not just the biggest.

of over 100 UK listed companies stated they engaged with Individual Investors differently to Institutional Investors.
As reported in the Corporate Governance Statements of their annual report.

What does that mean?

You don't get the same opportunity to engage, to ask questions to make a more informed decision.

Here is an example of what we found

"The Chief Executive Officer and Chief Financial Officer make presentations to institutional shareholders and analysts each year immediately following the release of the full-year and half-year results."

"The AGM is the principal forum for dialogue with private shareholders."

That's not fair or equal.

It's a big problem , ask the regulator.

“Smaller investors can be overlooked when board focus is primarily on major shareholders."

To make an informed investment decision you need access to the same information at the same time as everyone else.

It’s called being fair

of over 300 UK Institutions stated that meeting a company was important or critical to their investment decision

If it's so important or critical to Institutions to have direct access to company management...

Why isn't the same opportunity available to you?

Our Guarantee to you

We guarantee to approach all companies that you add to meet, we believe in transparency, so you will be able to see when we approached a company to join the platform.

How would you feel if the largest domestic owner of UK listed companies wanted to meet you but there was no way of making it happen?

Individual Investors are collectively the largest domestic owner of UK listed companies by value

But because they are the hardest to access with no central platform to enable direct engagement.

They can be overlooked

Source: Office of National Statistics

That's not fair or equal.
It's a big problem, ask the regulator.

Smaller investors can be overlooked when board focus is primarily on major shareholders."

Source: Financial Reporting Council

How many of these Individual Investors have you directly presented your investment case to?

It’s too big an opportunity to overlook.





Total number of execution only accounts and the number of times they traded in 2018. These numbers do not include advisory or discretionary accounts.

That's why we are integrating our technology directly with wealth management platforms.

Through our partnership with PIMFA, the UK’s leading trade association for wealth managers whose members represent


Wealth Managers





We look to access the individual investor where they hold your shares.

We offer more than just engagement,
it's about verifiable Governance too

"The focus of the UK Corporate Governance code and QCA code remains on engagement between the company, shareholders and their stakeholders."

Whichever Corporate Governance code you follow, it’s important to engage with all investors, not just the biggest.

FRC - Financial Reporting Council Principle 1-D
The board should ensure effective engagement with, and encourage participation from shareholders and stakeholders.
Provision (3)
The chair should ensure that the board as a whole has a clear understanding of the views of shareholders.
Provision (5)
The board should keep engagement mechanisms under review so that they remain effective.

Source: Financial Reporting Council
QCA - Quoted Companies Alliance Principle 2
Seek to understand and meet shareholder needs and expectations.
Principle 10
Communicate how the company is governed and performing by maintaining dialogue with shareholders.

Source: Quoted Companies Alliance

It’s how you approach Corporate Governance that’s important

FRC - Financial Reporting Council It is important to report meaningfully when discussing the application of the Principles and to avoid boilerplate reporting. The focus should be on how these have been applied, articulating what action has been taken and the resulting outcomes. High-quality reporting will include signposting and cross-referencing to those parts of the annual report that describe how the Principles have been applied. Source: The UK Corporate Governance Code
QCA - Quoted Companies Alliance The correct application of the QCA Code requires that the chair provides a clear explanation of how the company applies the QCA Code in the corporate governance statement. In particular, appropriate communication and reporting structures should exist between the board and all constituent parts of its shareholder base. A healthy dialogue should exist between the board and all of its stakeholders, including shareholders, to enable all interested parties to come to informed decisions about the company. In the absence of high-quality communication, existing or potential shareholders may conclude that a company’s board is not fully committed to safeguarding their interests. Source: Quoted Companies Alliance

Report meaningfully and demonstrate engagement?

How can the board have a clear understanding of the views of all shareholders?

Financial Reporting Council
Principle 1-D
Provision 3
Quoted Companies Alliance
Principle 2

How can the board ensure effective engagement, encourage participation and maintain dialogue with all shareholders?

Financial Reporting Council
Principle 1-D
Quoted Companies Alliance
Principle 10

Without knowing who the Individual Investors are
how to contact them?