Paul and Marc are the co-founders of Investor Meet Company.

We spent our early careers in the retail market, working for private client stockbrokers, and the last 20 years working in the institutional market working with UK listed companies and institutions, both big and small.

We have seen both sides of the coin.

Industry experience and awards aside, we know all too well the benefits institutional investors have through the opportunity to meet the management of UK listed companies.

It is this opportunity to meet, and access to information, that is key to making any decision in your day-to-day life, so why approach investing any differently. You want the same information at the same time as everyone else. It’s called being fair.

That’s why we created a platform that levels the playing field, whoever you may be, or wherever you are. To fix any problem, you need the tools and support to put it right.

Simply having a platform to connect individual investors to companies wasn’t enough for us. That’s why we approached wealth managers, asset managers, trade associations, corporate governance code creators and corporate brokers.

We wanted to get industry to support our principle...

We believe that all investors should be treated
fairly, equally and on a non-discriminatory basis.

...and we got it.

For the first time, all investors can now have the same opportunity to access company management, regardless of the number of shares they own or where they are located, providing them with fair and equal access to information, so they can make a more informed decision.

Marc Downes & Paul Brotherhood

Investor Meet Company.

It’s really that simple.