Features & Benefits


A level playing field - now you can be part of the investor roadshow.

For the first time you can access the same information at the same time as institutions, by becoming part of the investor roadshow. Simply add the companies you want to meet, and we will do the rest.

Just the facts

No more noise - clarity of information for an informed decision.

With the impact of MiFID II leading to decreasing levels of available research, individual investors need an alternative to either having to pay for research or searching for what can be unreliable content online. We give you access to the facts from management so you can make a more informed investment decision.


Your opinion matters – Have your voice heard.

Access live presentations through a unique URL that is specific to you. Our functionality enables you to directly ask management questions, in order to gage a greater understanding of the investment opportunity. Through our Q&A and feedback functionality you can directly voice your opinion to management so they can have a clear undiluted understanding of your views.

No need to travel

Live presentations across any device from any location.

We let technology do the travelling, so you don’t have to. Time is precious for everyone, so by removing the barrier of having to physically travel to meet a company, you can use your time more effectively.

Flexible access

Access companies in-between results. Demand-Driven and Company-Driven functionality.

Our unique functionality allows you to notify companies directly via your dashboard that you want to meet in-between reporting periods. This is totally at the company’s discretion. Should a company want to present to you in between reporting periods that’s covered too. A Company Driven Meeting (CDM) enables a company to directly invite you to a presentation at any time.

You decide

Always be invited to presentations from companies that matter to you.

We are a mere conduit, you decide the companies you want to meet, and we’ll do the rest. You will always be invited to every presentation from every company live that you follow, until you decide to no longer follow them, just accept the invitation. Don’t worry if you miss it – it’s always available on demand and you will be invited to the next one.

Key dates

Know in advance when your companies release their results.

Never miss the most important announcements from the companies that matter to you and know well in advance when your companies will be reporting. By following a company, you will automatically be invited to become part of the investor roadshow. Accept the invitation and you will be reminded the day before the meeting, that way you will never miss a thing.


Available to all investors - new or existing, regardless of the number of shares YOU own or where YOU live.

Companies want to engage with Individual Investors, that’s a fact. Now they can. The problem is that up until now there has been no central platform for Individual investors and companies to connect. We believe that all investors should be treated "fairly, equally and on a non-discriminatory basis"

On demand 24/7

Access to previous presentations and Q&A’s all in one place.

Access previous presentations 24/7 all from our platform. So, if you missed the meeting you can watch it OnDemand. From your dashboard you can see all the meetings you have attended. You can also use the record of your engagement towards your qualifying structured Continued Professional Development (CPD) hours if they apply to you.