Company Features & Benefits

Address Liquidity

Address the disproportionate impact and liquidity issues that smaller trades cause through direct engagement.

Regardless of the market you are listed on, Individual Investors can disproportionately impact your liquidity and share price. As an example, 84% of all AIM listed companies have an average trade size below £10,000. Small trades set prices and can have a disproportionate impact on the value of your company, so make sure you are engaging with Individual Investors directly.


Meet Individual Investors that want to meet you.

Investor Meet Company it’s exactly that, Individual Investors register on the platform and add the companies that matter to them. Your time is not wasted - one meeting for all Individual Investors that have selected to meet you, as part of your investor roadshow. Connecting the right people at the right time, through direct engagement can only increase trust, liquidity, and transparency.

Demonstrate Outcomes

Analyse engagement - use data to understand the views of investors

Detailed analytics of all your engagement meaning you can understand the views of investors and the perception of your company in the market. From the questions they ask, the polling responses and the feedback they give, you can further enhance your investment opportunity to the market.


Deliver high level Corporate Governance reporting through verified engagement.

Whichever Corporate Governance code you follow it’s important to report meaningfully and demonstrate outcomes in relation to your investor engagement. Through your dashboard, you can download the Investor Meet Company, Investor Engagement Statement which provides independent verified statistics that are measurable and specific to you.

Continued Engagement

Unique Company-Driven or Demand-Driven meeting function. Access Investors in-between results.

Through our unique functionality investors can notify you directly via your dashboard should they want to meet in-between reporting periods. This is totally at your discretion as made clear to all users.

Company Driven Meetings (CDM) enable you to directly invite and engage Individual Investors at any time it’s needed. We act as a mere conduit for you to deliver continued investor engagement at the times it is needed the most.

Build Relationships

Direct interactive engagement with Individual Investors via Q&A’s, polling and surveys builds trust and confidence.

Through live interactive engagement, Investor Meet Company enables two-way communication with Individual Investors. Questions are submitted either before or during the presentation through Direct Messaging (DM). The questions raised by investors are only visible to the presenters and NOT the attendees. You are under no obligation to answer them during the presentation, it is totally at your discretion as made clear to all users. We will transcribe the Q&A post the meeting and publish it via the On-Demand feature on the platform.

Through our post presentation survey, you get transparent feedback directly from the Investors, just like you do from institutions. This is available instantly from your platform.

Regardless of the corporate governance code you follow, you can now demonstrate a clear understanding of the views and expectations of Individual Investors. You now have all the data to report meaningfully and deliver good governance.


No need to travel. Communicate effectively with Individual Investors wherever they are.

We let technology do the travelling. Time is precious for everyone, so by removing the barrier of having to physically travel, you can use your time more effectively. Through a link on your website to Investor Meet Company and by adding your unique registration link in your RNS, you can enable any Individual Investor to register and attend your presentation, as well as inviting all existing followers automatically once your meeting is created on the platform. We make managing engagement with Individual Investors easy and practical at scale, through one platform.


One meeting, one hour, one platform. Now you can address all Individual Investors at the same time.

We make engagement with Individual Investors efficient. We take one slot as part of your investor roadshow where you present to all Individual Investors at the same time, regardless of the number of shares they own or where they are located. Now you can address the whole market not just the institutions in one single roadshow - now that’s efficient!

Who is best at articulating your investment case?

You are. Live or on demand it’s you informing investors, just the facts for an informed decision.

With the impact of MiFID II, leading to decreasing levels of available research, Individual Investors need an alternative to either having to pay for research or searching for what can be unreliable content online. We believe that you are best placed to communicate how the company is governed and performing by maintaining direct dialogue with investors. Just access to the facts directly from you so Individual Investors can make an informed decision.