We created the Investor Meet Company platform in direct response to the challenges faced by Individual Investors and companies wanting to connect.

Our aim is to directly connect any Individual Investor to any UK listed company, providing them the same access to management as Institutional Investors, allowing them to make a more informed investment decision, regardless of the number of shares they own or where they are geographically located.

"We believe that all investors should be treated
fairly, equally and on a non-discriminatory basis."

Investor Meet Company.

It’s really that simple.

Open, honest and transparent. Our guarantee to you.

We guarantee to approach all companies that you add to meet, we believe in transparency, so you will be able to see when we approached a company to join the platform. We prioritise onboarding companies where investor demand is the greatest, followed by AIM companies and Investment Trusts. Why? Individual Investors are the largest domestic owner of AIM and a significant owner of Investment Trust, so it makes sense to start where the need is the greatest.
We believe that all companies should provide Individual Investors the same opportunity to directly access live management presentations, regardless of the number of shares they own or where they live, making them part of the investor roadshow, so they can make a more informed decision. With over 2000 companies listed in the UK, we don’t underestimate the scale of what is required to make access fair and equal for all, so some companies may not be immediately available.